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049: Prepare for Purgery | Nighthawk and Chill

November 27, 2016

Holy fuck did we ever drop the ball on this one. It's super late, first of all. Also, the sound quality of this one is... not the best. Let's just say, you'd probably be okay to skip this one. We definitely don't reveal the location of our secret treasure. It's DEFINITELY not an insanely large scavenger hunt that covers North America and parts of Europe. DO NOT listen intently to this episode to hear the secret code embedded somewhere therein. It's NOT morse. I promise. Anyway... Jim wants to talk about what YOU would do if crime was legal for 24 hours. Why so much murder? Why wouldn't you just jaywalk a whole bunch? Then Quinn wants to find out who are the most chill-worthy superheroes. Who would you want to hang out with? Intro by John Coltrane, AKA Tronald Dump.

Special thanks to Christo Graham for the use of our theme music:

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